Handbags origin

The exact origin of handbags remains a mystery, and different theories place its origin at different times in history. Some say that it originated from prehistoric times, since in certain paintings female figures are seen carrying objects that can resemble bags. Its believed that thin bags were used by nomads to transport the food. Others say that its origins […]


Our beloved Gem

Gem is the perfect combination of strength and simplicity, combining a crocodile character and adding a touch of sweetness with the patent leather. It´s clutch form makes it a gem that will make any look shine with its own light. The customization colors enhance this idea, bringing great vitality.     We wanted this force to touch all […]


Our commitment to the environment

We want SACT´s soul to leave a legacy in the world by making our actions have a positive impact and caring for future generations. This is why we are committed to the environment and all of its inhabitants, by spreading awareness and promoting the protection of animals, fighting against deforestation, our CO2 footprint, as well as supporting the empowerment […]


Can you give me ROBUX

Robuxed – The best thing that ever happened to Roblox Robuxed. Com is really a collaborative effort of 28 developers and safety experts, and we are now proud to have the ability to say that we are currently the only service available for public use offering complimentary Robux today. Robuxed is one of a kind […]