Our commitment to the environment

We want SACT´s soul to leave a legacy in the world by making our actions have a positive impact and caring for future generations. This is why we are committed to the environment and all of its inhabitants, by spreading awareness and promoting the protection of animals, fighting against deforestation, our CO2 footprint, as well as supporting the empowerment of women. We work with an external consultant group, SQUAREVENTURES, which aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, looks for the projects we collaborate with and help create a better world.

  • As cause for our concern for animal welfare and exploitation of species, we have ensured that the production of our handbags does not endanger the survival of any species nor destructively interferes with their natural habitat. The external consultant GORILLA SMILE, specialized in animal protection and awareness, has certified that our production process does not threaten the survival of these species, additionally complying with the strict CITES regulations.


  • We want our production process to be as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why our handbags are handmade. We also search for providers who share our concern for environmental pollution, making the dyeing of the leather by hand and applying a strict recycling process of waste. In Roblox Robux Generator Pro addition, we offset our CO2 emissions by collaborating with a reforestation cause by sponsoring 10 trees in PLANTALO, with the aim to fight against the greenhouse effect and climate change.


  • We support the empowerment of women and gender equality, as we have sponsored 20km from LA PRINCESA DEL DESIERTO, a social Project awarded with the Gold Medal of Merit Award and Award for the Promotion of Equality, where a woman undertakes a big physical challenge in the desert, running 1.000km in 20 days and showing that women are able to achieve whatever they set their mind on.


  • At Christmas, time of the greater purchase of animals, we sponsored #Alimentalos campaign, an initiative of awareness and training in schools, where conferences were held to inform children about the problem of animal abandonment and encouraging the adoption, plus the students donated almost 300kg of animal food that was given to shelters with slaughter 0 policy.


Our beloved Gem

Gem is the perfect combination of strength and simplicity, combining a crocodile character and adding a touch of sweetness with the patent leather. It´s clutch form makes it a gem that will make any look shine with its own light. The customizatio...