Handbags origin

The exact origin of handbags remains a mystery, and different theories place its origin at different times in history. Some say that it originated from prehistoric times, since in certain paintings female figures are seen carrying objects that can resemble bags. Its believed that thin bags were used by nomads to transport the food. Others say that its origins arise in Egypt, as some frescoes show men with bags tied around their waist.

The portable bag started to progressively change throughout time, as during the fourteenth century, it was used for men to carry their money, while women wore ornate and embroidered bags, becoming an important determinant of social status of whoever carried it.




The form that we of know today developed in the eighteenth century, where dressing became simpler and more adapted to the silhouette. Besides, ladys began to wear perfume bottles and fans, carrying them what is known as “essential“, characterized by an elaborate design that also represented social status. Over time women became more independent, affecting the evolution of the handbag, as it began to be for more than perfume bottles. Emerging designers such is it possible to view private instagram accounts reddit as Gucci, Prada or Luis Vuitton took the luggage bag design, and scaled it appropriately to create a typical handbag look. In the 50s, big fashion houses saw handbags as a Gateway to luxury, as not a lot of women could afford a couture dress, but could afford a handbag which reflected the same status, while being more available and of greater use.

Handbags have always been a fetish object for women that granted greater independence, while also showing class and style. All this evolution brings us to the handbag we of know today, where it has more attention and importance than ever before. Different models and shapes for different occasions, different materials, are now widely available, making the handbag more than just useful used to carry belongings.



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