Inside SACT

Coco Chanel said: “Luxury is the necessity that begins where necessity ends“, what no one has ever asked is: What does luxury need?

Luxury needs to be art, to be born from the hands of an artist and carved by the hands of an artisan with noble materials, it has to be unique, to have values that transcend, that make a better world, it has to connect with the most special part of your inner spirit.

An object is just an object, but I want it to make me travel and discover a new place. I want to be part of luxury, I don´t want fashion, I want my own style, a way of understanding life, I want to work with the artist to make my mark, I want to design my dreams and have a Brand to make them real.

SACT, the best kept secret of the Bosphorus

Semiha Turhan, Designer & Founder


SACT originates from
a small boutique
in Istanbul

Leaded by a passionate woman, who after traveling throughout the world´s international fashion capitals, convinced herself that handbags are jewels and that she could create unique pieces with a great differential value. She subtedly started to design limited editions for a selected network. Without any overall marketing activity or artífice, her unique handbags began to appear among certain celebrities and wives of some sheiks. Semiha Turhan, solely guided by her talent, managed to convert the place where she created women´s dreams in a secret, now known as THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE BOSPHORUS.


We have created an 
atemporal collection, 
joining East and West

With limited editions, which include Parisian interiors fabric and Italian reminiscence which coexist perfectly with the exoticism of Istanbul and our beloved Bosphorus. This allows our customers to dream with a handbag that can be personalized as never before creating unique artworks on noble material from high quality, exotic leathers and metal details. This makes our handbags something that goes beyond exclusivity, away from any sort industrial process and commercial purpose. Each handbag has been hand carved by our artisan, taking care of the finished quality in every twinge, creating unrepeatable pieces that give sense to the existence of this brand.


Corporate Social Responsibility

A brand with soul

We have created a brand with soul, convinced that the impact that our actions have on the world have to be positive. This is why we have hired an external consultancy, that aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, works with us, certifies the origin of our leathers , validates our commitment to the environment and raises awareness in schools about problems regarding animal abandonment. We also sponsor trees to fight our CO2 footprint, as well as support women’s empowerment.




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