Our beloved Gem

Gem is the perfect combination of strength and simplicity, combining a crocodile character and adding a touch of sweetness with the patent leather. It´s clutch form makes it a gem that will make any look shine with its own light. The customization colors enhance this idea, bringing great vitality.




We wanted this force to touch all women convinced by it, with the message “Don’t wait for him, you already have it”, hence also strengthening our commitment to women empowerment, able to get anything they set their sights on. Its design is practical, simple and easily portable, with an integrated handle that favors a natural and comfortable way to carry it, with a spacious interior and inside pockets. This meets the needs of women, which is why it has been created to become our dearest gem.

Gem is a revolution insignia, connected to the origin of the clutch in history, dating back to the 20s, where their geometric shapes marked an era in terms of freedom of clothing and acted as agents of change. The clutch represents everything women were in the 20s, elegant and simple, with a new energy that was not afraid to express the personality through style and clothing.

Dare to feel free with Gem, you will not need anything else.



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